The Forgotten Fifteen

How Bury triumphed in British football's worst year

The Forgotten Fifteen: How Bury Triumphed in British Football's Worst Year - £14.99

In an age where football clubs are allowed to name 18-player squads on each and every match day, Bury’s achievement in winning promotion from Division Four in the 1984/85 season using only 15 players will never be repeated.

British football lay squarely in the doldrums in the middle of the 1980s. Hooliganism was the scourge of the land and crumbling, archaic grounds were a million miles from the gleaming stadia of today. Bury fan James Bentley knew that Bury had been promoted in this year but he didn’t know anything about the team, so he set out to find them and tell not just their story, but the story of Britain in the mid-1980s.

This is the story of the Forgotten Fifteen: How Bury triumphed in British football’s worst year.